A Voice of Her Own: South Carolina Women in Politics Women’s Suffrage Month

Mon, Aug 3
South Carolina Women In Leadership (SCWIL)

SC Women In Leadership

Next week marks the beginning of Women’s Suffrage Month, a month in which we celebrate August 26th as the remarkable anniversary of the long struggle to gain a woman’s right to cast a ballot. Note: That right was initially given only to White women with Black women officially winning the right to vote with the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The SC State Museum is commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment with its exhibit A Voice of Her Own: South Carolina Women in Politics. The exhibit features objects, images and stories showing the ways South Carolina women engaged with the political history of our state. From tribal women leaders, to the first female Governor of the state, this exhibit shows how women worked to gain a voice of their own.

Because of the pandemic, the Museum’s traffic is limited (see special rules), so South Carolina Women in Leadership has proudly partnered with the South Carolina State Museum in sharing that story and the struggles of women throughout our state’s history who wanted their opinions to count and for their voices to be heard. Join us for nine episodes traveling through South Carolina’s rich history, escorted by exhibit curator Joann Zeise. For those of us staying close to home during a time of coronavirus, this lets all of us enjoy a small sampling of the exhibit.