Pardee UNC Health Care Provides Updated COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Tue, Feb 23
Online w/ Pardee UNC Health Care
Pardee UNC Health Care

Healthcare professional in protective gloves & workwear holding & organising a tray of COVID-19 vaccine vials. The professional is carrying out researches on COVID-19 vaccine in laboratory.

Pardee UNC Health Care shared the following updated FAQs regarding the COVID-19 vaccine:
How much vaccine does Pardee receive?
The State DHHS has promised us 400 doses each week from Feb 3 – Feb 23. This is a total of 1,200 doses. We had previously been receiving almost 3,000 doses for the same time frame. The state has assured us that future allocations will be more predictable, but it does not mean that we are guaranteed the same amount going forward.
Is Pardee still giving the Pfizer vaccine?
For those patients who received Pfizer for their first dose, we will provide Pfizer for their second dose, as recommended by CDC and NCDHHS. However, appointments for first doses scheduled between Feb. 3 and Feb. 23 will receive the Moderna vaccine. The state has allotted Pardee the Moderna vaccine for the next three weeks shipments (Feb 3 – Feb 23); however, that could change at any time based on state’s supply.
How is the state determining how much to distribute to communities?
Vaccine supply is distributed based on county demographics and numbers. As other Provider Vaccination sites get approved by the State, the same vaccine supply will be distributed among more providers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate into more vaccines for our community, just more locations able to offer vaccine appointments. This may result in a reduction in Pardee’s vaccine allocation.
Is the Pardee COVID vaccine call center open?
All Pardee vaccine appointments are full through February, and the call center will not be scheduling any new appointments at this time. If a patient needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, the call center will continue to handle those calls. If additional vaccine allocation is provided we will reopen scheduling and notify the community through news outlets and social media.
Estimated Vaccine Timelines
Since everyone’s ability to vaccinate relies on receipt of vaccine allocation from the state, and that distribution has slowed dramatically, it is hard to forecast when we will reach Phase 3. At best, we are estimating that it could take 2-3 months before we are able to begin vaccinating Phase 3.
More information about the COVID-19 vaccines can be found here.
Volunteers Needed
If you would like to volunteer to help the Vaccine Clinic, please contact the
Pardee Vaccine Volunteer Center at [email protected]