Smith’s Drugs to Build Multi-Story Building on East Main

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Smith’s Drugs, a fixture in downtown Spartanburg for nearly a century, is set to see a major upgrade as plans were recently revealed to demolish the business’s current one-story storefront and replace it with a new multi-story mixed-use building.

The new building will feature a much larger footprint that will occupy much of the current parking lot next door and will include much more ground-floor retail (with perhaps another tenant) with residential units occupying the upper floors. Details are still being finalized on the project, which could ultimately feature an under-building drive-thru for pharmacy customers and could be between three and five stories.

On this episode of the City of Spartanburg podcast, the podcast hosts are talking with City Associate Planner, Apoorva Kumar and William Gray, Associate Principal at McMillan Pazdan Smith, the developer’s architecture firm, about this new development and how it fits in with recent improvements and openings along E Main Street. Listen below for more and if you’re feeling especially nerdy, check out the City of Spartanburg’s Downtown Code to get an idea about how developments like this one move from idea to brick and mortar reality.

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(Prepared by the City of Spartanburg.)