Spartanburg Chamber’s Terrance Hawes on the City of Spartanburg Podcast

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Unequal access to economic opportunities. It’s an ugly truth that communities around the country confront (or don’t confront) every day, and Spartanburg is no different.

Inclusivity, equity, and diversity—principles that many in leadership positions throughout our community value today—have long been challenges for Spartanburg. Racial and class disparities create very real barriers to economic mobility for individuals and for entire communities, and the task of removing those barriers is an enormous and necessary undertaking for all of us who want to see Spartanburg thrive.

Newly hired Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce Talent and Economic Inclusion Coordinator, Terrance Hawes is bringing his energy and perspective to that challenge. A Northside native and success story, Hawes is the co-founder of B.A.R.S. Academy, a community-driven creative arts and music mentoring program, and in his new role will be working to create and implement the Chamber’s strategic plan to ensure that economic inclusion is a Spartanburg priority and to develop, attract, and retain talent in our community. On this episode of the podcast, the podcast hosts talking with Terrance about his new role and about the journey he’s taken so far to get there.

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