HUB-BUB Wants to Know: What is “Home” in Spartanburg County?

A sidewalk-level view of downtown Spartanburg's Main Street.
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HUB-BUB announces its Artists-in-Residence Public Art Project around the theme of “home.” Marisa Adesman and Ambrin Ling will create over one hundred small paintings for a single series that pictures the many, diverse visions of home as contributed by individual community members in the Spartanburg area.

Ambrin a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago says, “The motivation behind this project was that we wanted to use painting as a way to connect with individual Spartanburg residents and to learn about its identity as lived by members of different communities.”

Between January and July, the resident artists at the Creative Placemaking Studio, which is located inside Chapman Cultural Center, will engage the community of Spartanburg County with a series of prompts around the theme of “home.”  The project will focus on encouraging the community to envision the individual’s notions of home as a space for defining their lived-experience in Spartanburg. In other words, this project seeks to answer to the question: What does home look like to me?

Marisa, from New York, is a recent graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. “In the process of making this work, we hope to foster empathetic connections between community members by allowing people to actually see the ways in which individual lives differ and intersect in an overall image of life in Spartanburg,” says Marisa about the project.

“A Mosaic Portrait of Spartanburg” will result in a gallery exhibition where all of the paintings will be on display to the public. During the opening reception of the exhibit, Ambrin and Marisa will give a talk about the project, their process, and the outcomes. By interweaving multiple narratives, this project will not only help foster empathy between community members, it will both refine and complicate our shared understanding of Spartanburg as home.

The artists are encouraging the entire community to participate in the project. The public can participate in the following ways:

  • Email [email protected] with an image or a story of how you see your individual home.
  • Stop by the Creative Placemaking Studio during open studio hours and chat with the artists
  • Visit the HUB BUB website or Facebook Page @hubbubsc to learn more about events happening in your neighborhood.

Article prepared by HUB BUB.