Taking a Look Back at the Last Decade in Spartanburg

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It’s become an annual holiday tradition on the City of Spartanburg Podcast to take a look back at the previous year in Spartanburg, but with the 2010s winding down, this year they decided to dial that up a bit.

On this episode of the podcast, the hosts are talking with City Manager Chris Story about what they believe has been the most transformative decade in living memory. From the hundreds of millions invested in downtown Spartanburg, to the combined public, private, and nonprofit efforts on our city’s Northside, what the city had in 2010 was in an enormously different place from the one we call home today.

How did that transformation happen? What work remains to be done? What will the next 10 years bring? The hosts do their best to answer those questions on this podcast, which also serves as a conversation starter for the new #Spartanburg2020 initiative, a community listening project that will ask Spartanburg residents to answer question: What is the most transformative change Spartanburg has seen in the last decade?

Listen below to learn more, and to get inspired to share those #Spartanburg2020 answers!

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Prepared by the City of Spartanburg.