A Guide to Mask Usage in Spartanburg

Warning: Information you find on this page may be outdated or incorrect.

Spartanburg’s economic recovery is tied to our ability to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Experts have proven that wearing a mask significantly limits the spread of the virus.

The City of Spartanburg’s Mask Ordinance requires masks for customers and employees in grocery stores, pharmacies and City of Spartanburg facilities, where at-risk people are likely to be.

Although encouraged, customers are not required to wear masks while supporting the City’s restaurants, retail stores and salons, however, employees in these businesses are required to wear masks.

Spartanburg County Council’s Mask Resolution strongly encourages the use of masks in grocery stores, pharmacies and County-owned buildings to protect at-risk populations. The resolution does not require the use of masks in these facilities.

Please note that businesses in the city and county may choose to enforce mask requirements that go above and beyond what is required.

Written by the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce.