Shopping Sustainably Just Got Easier

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The next time you shop on Amazon you may notice something different as you look at your search results.

If you see an hourglass with wings beside your selected product, you have found one that has earned Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly badge. It is Amazon’s way to help customers shop for more sustainable products online, and ENERGY STAR is excited to work with the world’s top online retailer to help customers save energy and protect the climate.

You can now find the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on over 25,000 products on Amazon, many of which are ENERGY STAR certified. That badge shows that the product has earned at least one of 19 different sustainability certifications that Amazon has identified as living up to rigorous and transparent standards for sustainable practices. Customers can also see the badge on individual product pages, where they can learn more about these products and how and why they are certified sustainable by Amazon. When customers see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, they have an easy indicator that the brand in question has made a commitment to protecting the environment.

From grocery and household products, to fashion and personal electronics, you can find lots of items that have earned the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, including those that have earned ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient designation. ENERGY STAR Most Efficient is a distinction recognizing products that deliver cutting edge energy efficiency along with the latest in technological innovation. A variety of certified ceiling fans, vent fans, clothes washers, clothes dryers, monitors, and dishwashers are highlighted with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge, showcasing the best of the best of ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR’s trusted blue label has always made shopping simple, but now selecting certified products will be easier than ever when shopping online. Any product that features the Climate Pledge Friendly badge and has earned the ENERGY STAR will be clearly marked to help customers identify the ENERGY STAR certification. Amazon hopes that the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge will help customers find sustainable products that they might not have otherwise discovered or considered. ENERGY STAR hopes that this will make it easier than ever for consumers to save energy, save money, and protect the climate.

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Prepared by Energy Star.