Brose Spartanburg Celebrates Zero Waste to Landfill

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Brose, the world’s fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier, is committed to a legacy of progressive thinking and ensuring that a bright and clean future is passed to the next generations. This has been displayed through community improvement initiatives across the globe by many of the Brose locations.

Brose’s Spartanburg plant is proud to be able to join those locations in supporting this commitment through the Zero Landfill initiative. This initiative, that was completed in December of 2020, is a new process that commits 100% of the company’s waste to recycling. In short, none of the waste is contaminating the community though landfill.

You may ask how this is possible. Brose Spartanburg was able to work with a third-party company, TRG, who studied its waste output and contracted to recycle 100%.

  • The used pallets are purchased and resold
  • The cardboard is bundled and recycled into new paper products
  • The metal and plastics are recycled into new products
  • The residual waste is sent to a power plant and used as fuel for electricity generation

Brose employees can now proudly say that we are producing product cleanly, but that was not the only benefit. On top of the benefit to the environment, the company was also was able to turn a monthly cost into revenue generation. Rather than paying for dumpsters and hauling fees, recycling customers purchase the waste to be used for their prospective products and haul it away at their expense. This translated to a sustainable all-around win for all parties.

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