Spartanburg City Council Approves Change to Urban Code to Allow Indoor Self Storage Facilities

Indoor storage units with pink doors.

At a recent meeting, Spartanburg City Council gave approval 5-1 to a change to the city’s urban code that will allow indoor storage facilities in parts of the Northside and Downtown Spartanburg. This council action comes after postponing the vote at their last meeting to allow time for more feedback from Northside residents regarding the proposed change.

While initially the proposed change would’ve only applied to properties in the Northside, Council member Rob Rain made a motion to amend the ordinance to allow for indoor storage in all areas where the urban code applies. Currently the urban code applies for downtown Spartanburg and the Northside, with the rest of the city under a more traditional zoning code. Council member Erica Brown voted against and Council member Meghan Smith was absent from the meeting.

The change allows buildings in the urban code’s DT4 and DT5 areas to be used for indoor self storage units, but such developments would need to meet numerous other requirements set out in the code meaning that the building must have an “active ground floor” with no storage units fronting a public street, all storage must be internal and only accessible via interior hallways, and any self storage developments will need to go through the usual City Design Review Board process.

The ordinance will require a second reading for final approval at the city council meeting on May 10.

For more from the city council meeting on April 26, see the full video below and visit the City of Spartanburg website.

Spartanburg City Council meeting, April 26, 2021 from City of Spartanburg on Vimeo.

Prepared by the City of Spartanburg.