Converse University and Blue Duck Scooters Offer Students Free Rentals During First-gen Week

A person on a scooter greeting a person on a stoop.
Converse University

Converse University recently kicked off its 2021 First-Generation Week with Blue Duck scooters. On November 8, 2021, Converse collaborated with Blue Duck to offer students a code to rent scooters for free as Converse celebrates first-generation college students the week of November 8-12 through engaging programming, community partnerships, events, and a scavenger hunt.

National First-Generation Day on November 8 celebrated the success of students whose parents did not complete a four-year college degree. Converse broadens the definition to include any student who may self-identify as not having prior exposure to or knowledge of navigating higher institutions and may need additional resources.

Converse now has a fleet of Blue Duck scooters on campus and was the first university in South Carolina to partner with the e-scooter company. Blue Duck provides students with a fun and convenient way to commute on the Converse campus and around Spartanburg.

Converse students can rent the scooters by visiting the Blue Duck station which is located parallel to Pine Street and a minute away from the Montgomery Student Center. Users unlock the scooters by utilizing the Blue Duck app and completing a safety training. The Blue Duck app displays a map of the local area as well as other fleet locations dispersed around Spartanburg.

“We are so excited to have Blue Duck scooters on campus,” said Karen Mims ’22, Student Government President at Converse. “Student life at Converse is all about community and sharing experiences, and we are always excited to implement initiatives that add to our engaging student experience. I’ve already seen our students utilizing and enjoying the scooters and I hope this opens opportunities to more Spartanburg-based projects on our campus,” Karen concluded.

This year, Spartanburg was the first city in South Carolina to launch the Blue Duck scooters program.

For more information about Blue Duck scooters, click here.