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New Theatre To be Built as Part of Dynamic Mixed-Use Development on the Eastside

Plans are underway for FRANK THEATRES® to join the Easton Marketplace on Spartanburg’s eastside. FRANK THEATRES®, one of the World’s oldest and most respected Motion Picture Theatre and Entertainment Companies (1906) announced its plans to begin construction sometime this year in the Easton Marketplace.

"FRANK THEATRES® is pleased to announce that we plan to build an entirely new state-of-the-art theatre as part of this exciting mixed-use development. The mix of retail and entertainment is ideal for attracting audiences to our theatre," said Bruce Frank, president of FRANK THEATRES®. “Everything is in the planning stages right now, however we will announce the number of screens, design elements and amenities when all of the details are finalized.”

“We are very excited to be joining this great project; our Easton Marketplace location will provide patrons with a total entertainment experience. It’s not just about cinema anymore, you need to provide your guests more with each visit,” according to Frank. “We look forward to offering the latest in technology and amenities to area movie-goers within a completely new theatre concept. The theatre will draw upon our years experience by creating an entertainment destination that will attract people from throughout the area," Frank said.

"Our community is delighted at the announcement of Frank Theaters, adding to the dynamic energy on the east side of Spartanburg. Coupled with the other parts the Easton Marketplace, this investment enhances the services and facilities available to our citizens” said Mayor William Barnet III.

(Images provided by Frank Theaters.)

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