Carolina Recycling Association: Call for Presentations

Tue, Sep 19, 2023
This event has already occurred.
Carolina Recycling Association
CRA Call for Presentations is Now Open!

Submit Ideas for the 2024 CRA Conference in Cherokee, NC

CRA’s 34th Annual Conference & Trade Show Call for Presentations & Session Ideas is now open! Whether just an ember of an idea, or a fully organized presentation, your ideas are what make the CRA Conference burn bright! This is a great opportunity to engage with hundreds of recycling professionals in the Carolinas at the Cherokee Convention Center from April 8-11, 2024.

CRA is planning a Corporate Sustainability Track and are prioritizing the following topics:

  • Business Recycling & Waste Reduction
  • Business Skill Development (sales, contract negotiations, customer relations, etc.)
  • Circular Economy Development
  • Corporate Sustainability, Zero Waste, ESG in Action

Additional topics of interest welcome including (but not limited to):

  • General Topics: Reuse Success Stories, Environmentally Preferred Procurement, Market Development, Ocean Plastic, Trends in Packaging Sustainability
  • Local Government and Private Sector Recycling and Waste Reduction: Collections, Enforcement, Education and Outreach, Waste Diversion and Waste Reduction Programs, Marketing and Communications, Technology Innovations, Contamination Solutions, Contract Negotiations
  • Special Waste Collection (i.e. C&D, Food, Electronics, Solar Panels, Disaster Debris, Batteries, HHW, etc.)
  • Organics Recycling & Food Waste Reduction
  • Material Processing: Material Recovery Facility Success Stories; Trends in Processing Technology & Processing Solutions, Market Trends, Construction and Demolition Recycling
  • Relating Climate Change to Waste Reduction & Recycling, Recycling & Sustainable Development Goals, Citizen & Community Activism for Recycling, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Local and State Policy Success Stories to Model

Success stories as well as innovative programs, methods, and technologies to advance material recovery or waste reduction, are preferred. Presentations that include interactive hands-on education or product/technology demonstrations are a plus!

Please submit your ideas by Friday, September 22!