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Horses on a green field.

Hurricane Preparedness Includes Animals, Too

When a hurricane is headed your way, you can decide your best course of action. Your animals can’t. They depend on you to make the decisions for them.

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve

Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve is a Local Gem

Hatcher Garden is a community-supported urban garden in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Started by Harold Hatcher, the garden has grown to become a beautiful woodland preserve that provides a home for wildlife and a display for the nature’s beauty.

Workers installing solar panels on the roof of a building.

Solar in South Carolina – What Consumers Need to Know

The passage of the SC Energy Freedom Act means big opportunities for the future of solar energy in South Carolina. Through the provisions in this legislation, more homeowners and businesses will be able to take advantage of this renewable and clean energy source.