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Master Planned Community Developments
Planned community developments with all of the amenities for which you are looking.

Residential Properties
Whether you’re looking for a 5-bedroom grande or an apartment with a view, a great place to start looking for your new home.

Condominium Guide
First time buyers as well as homeowners considering a condominium will find an excellent list of condominium developments on this page. Historic downtown restorations, as well as new communities with full amenities, are found here.

Commercial Properties
From office buildings to warehouses, developed locations to prime building sites.

Commerical and Residential Interior/Exterior Designers
Whether you’re about to expand your current facility, adapt an existing structure to a new use, or create an interior or exterior design for an entirely new building, your building project represents a major investment that will affect the productivity and efficiency of your organization for years to come. On this page, please find a list of commercial and residential interior/exterior designers who possess the skills to fulfill your design needs.

Lenders & Mortgage Brokers
Small business or residential, find the best rate and type of loan for a variety of residential and commercial mortgage options, whether you are purchasing or refinancing.

Home sites, acreage, undeveloped land
A list of companies selling land/acreage for building/development and/or investment.

Rental Properties
Apartments and office space in the Spartanburg area. Listings updated daily.

Builders and Architects
Just the folks you need to help build your dream house, redesign your kitchen, or add a family room.

Manufactured Homes
Looking for a manufactured home?

General and Sub Contractors
Listing of builders, electricians, and plumbers

Welcome to Spartanburg! If you’ve just moved to town, there are a few things you’ll need to attend to…