National Mental Health Association
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System Behavorial Health Services

Spartanburg Regional’s Behavioral Health Services provide a wealth of meaningful services to individuals and families throughout our region. They offer an array of services anchored by round-the-clock emergency care. Individuals can get immediate help by calling our 24-hour hotline or coming to the Regional Trauma Center. In either case, a psychiatrist is on call to provide patients with the specific level of care needed.

Charles Lea Center

The mission of the Charles Lea Center is to be the organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities and special needs where they live, work and play. Programs for individuals and family support are available, as well as supported employment and clinical services.

The Mesothelioma Group

Any serious illness can impact mental health. For patients, caregivers, and their loved ones, going through cancer can be a devastating experience. Receiving a potentially fatal diagnosis, going through treatment protocols, and learning to live with limitations can cause depression in many patients, as can side effects from the treatment itself. Managing mental health needs is a crucial part of the treatment process, and may even impact prognosis.


American Childhood Cancer Society

The American Childhood Cancer OrganizationĀ® is the largest publisher and distributor of free childhood cancer books in the country. Our books and materials are targeted at parents, young patients, siblings, educators, and caregivers. We work constantly to develop new tools and resources for the population we serve.

New Day, Inc. of Spartanburg

Also known as New Day Clubhouse, New Day was founded in 1987 as a private, nonprofit organization through the efforts of the Mental Health Association of the Piedmont. New Day was established to fill the community’s need for a psychiatric rehabilitation center serving adults, 18 years and older, with diagnoses of serious and persistent mental illness.

Spartanburg Area Mental Health Center

Offices in Spartanburg, Union, & Cherokee Counties