City Council Gives Final Approval to New Rules for Outdoor Pets

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At a recent meeting, City Council gave final approval to changes to the City’s animal ordinance that include standards for weather thresholds, tethering clarifications, and a clearer definition of adequate shelter.

Council members Jerome Rice and Ruth Littlejohn voted against the changes.

Under the new rules, dog owners will be required to bring pets indoors when the temperature outside is 32 degrees or lower or during heat advisories and severe weather warnings. Tethering of dogs will also be restricted to two hours within a 12-hour period using only a cable and trolley system. Tethering a dog to a tree, post, or metal stake is not allowed. The definition for adequate shelter was also clarified under the changes, with things such as portable pet carries, wire crates, and metal barrels not being allowed. The animal ordinance changes will require a second reading for final approval. Changes are set to go into effect July 9.

For more from Monday’s City Council meeting, see the full video below and a roundup of live tweets from the meeting.

(Prepared by the City of Spartanburg.)