Northside Rising: The Road From Master Plan to Inclusive Development

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The following article and podcast originally appeared on the City of Spartanburg Citizen News Blog.

If you’ve driven down Howard Street lately in Spartanburg’s Northside neighborhood, you’ve undoubtedly seen a lot of construction. How did all of that happen and what does it mean for the neighborhood and the people who live there?

Well, it starts with a plan, takes a detour with a legal tussle with a billionaire NFL owner over control of one of Spartanburg’s most challenging substandard apartment complexes, and ends with an inclusive development boom that will see a long-depopulated Northside filling again, this time as a mixed-income model for growth and sustainability that uplifts both those who call the area home and Spartanburg as a whole.

On the final installment of the City of Spartanburg’s Northside Rising podcast series, the hosts are taking a look at the story of the neighborhood from 2014’s master planning process to today’s revitalization-in-progress. Listen below for more.

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