Mary Black Foundation Recognizes Mt. Moriah Baptist With Award

Mary Black Foundation has awarded Mount Moriah Baptist Church the 2023 Dr. George Newby, Jr. Health Equity Leadership Award.

The award was established in memory of Dr. George Newby, Jr., the former CEO of ReGenesis Health Care and community health professor at USC Upstate. The award was developed by the Foundation to honor Dr. Newby’s lifelong work to ensure accessible and equitable healthcare for all people in Spartanburg County. Its purpose is to recognize an individual or organization working to advance health equity by ensuring that all people in Spartanburg County have access to opportunities for health and wellness regardless of who they are or where they live.

Mount Moriah has worked for over 40 years to reduce health inequities and disparities in Spartanburg’s Southside community. Their long list of impactful programs and resources includes the Mount Moriah Diabetes Support Group, the Exercise Ministry, mental health counseling, health and dental screenings, and weekly food distribution. For many years, the Southside community was considered a food desert. Mount Moriah has been an active participant in Rebuilding the Southside efforts, including support of the new Piggly Wiggly grocery store, which opened on South Church Street in August 2022.

“The Dr. George Newby, Jr. Health Equity Leadership Award carries with it a $25,000 unrestricted grant from the Foundation. With this award, we seek to honor Dr. Newby, recognize and celebrate others working to carry on his legacy, and encourage more people and organizations to explore how they can advance health equity,” said Reverend Scott Neely, past chair of the Foundation’s Program and Selection Committee. Mount Moriah will use the funds to continue their efforts to improve health equity in our community, specifically to support the food distribution program.

“Mary Black Foundation was inspired by the outstanding nominations that we received,” said Molly Talbot-Metz, President & CEO of the Foundation. “Mount Moriah Baptist Church is one of the many outstanding organizations doing incredible work to advance health equity in our community. We are proud to recognize them in 2023.”

Mary Black Foundation looks forward to accepting nominations for the 2024 Award later this year. For more information, visit