Spartanburg County Launches New, Interactive Road Map

Spartanburg County has a new, interactive tool available for those who would like to know more about our roadway network.

The county is excited to introduce the Public Works Project Viewer.

On this web map, you have the option to view the Proposed Projects associated with the Capital Project Sales Tax referendum: Capital Project Sales Tax – Project Viewer.

The Public Works Project Viewer also allows you to explore what road projects have recently been completed, which ones are currently in the works, and what projects the county has planned. Continue to check back as officials will be adding in previous year projects.

You will see several different types of projects on the map, including bridge improvements, stormwater improvements, intersection improvements, striping projects, and paving projects.

By clicking on the unique icons, you can view the status of each project, anticipated costs and expected completion dates. You can also search custom areas and learn what’s going on in your community.

Visit for additional information.

Written by Spartanburg County.